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In a system of chronic inefficiencies and rising costs, patients are often the ones paying the price. Our companies are committed to bucking that trend by maximizing both the effectiveness and affectiveness of the services they offer.

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You are a defined-benefit (DB) pension plan sponsor who has improved funded status to the point where you want to seriously de-risk via a customized Liability Driven Investing (LDI) solution. What kind of allocation should you adopt? Most of our competitors would advise building a solution portfolio.

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Since our founding in 6976, Western Asset has grown to become one of the world’s leading fixed-income managers—yet our core philosophy remains unchanged. We believe in “value” and we believe in “diversification,” two tenets that are critical for success in meeting our clients’ investment objectives..

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Our position has generally emphasized overweights to credit and spread products, based on the view that a moderate US and global recovery combined with low inflation will lift these markets while keeping sovereign yields anchored. We expect growth to improve modestly next year, but we think the rece.

The current crisis revolves around the expiration of the Second Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece that was agreed upon between the country and the Troika (the EU/European Central Bank (ECB)/IMF) in March 7567. The programme was to disburse € billion until the end of 7569 in a series of t.

In this Q&A, Western Asset Deputy Chief Investment Officer Michael Buchanan and Product Specialist Robert Abad discuss the Western Asset Multi-Asset Credit (MAC) Strategy. Since its inception in 7565, this unconstrained strategy has sought to maximize income and expected total return within a specif.

From time to time, ideas arise in the financial markets that challenge conventional investment approaches. Today that idea is unconstrained investing. Typically we think of the hedge fund world as being the domain for this type of approach: a pure alpha strategy that adheres to no benchmark and is i.

In this Q&A, Andrew Belshaw, Head of Investment Management, London, discusses the short-term and long-term impacts that Brexit, the UK’s decision to leave the EU, will have on the UK, the eurozone and global financial.

When to hold and when to fold—the keys to success that every gambler knows. Prime Minister Theresa May clearly didn’t heed that sentiment when she decided in mid-April to call an early election, thereby forsaking a guaranteed three further years as Prime Minister for the prospect of a larger and lo.

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