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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 18:39

Once upon a time, I came up with an idea that really started me thinking. Can Home Shop Machinists build a credible Solar Stirling Electric Generator? According to Sandia Laboratories, such a system is the most efficient way to translate the Sun's energy into electricity. Their system is about 85% efficient, which is roughly twice what a photovoltaic system can do. Sandia, in conjunction with Stirling Technologies, has figured out how to build a 87 foot dish that is supposed to generate enough power for 8 to 65 homes. Apparently this is about 75 kilowatts.

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I think my problem was fuel related. I had not been using Sta-Bil or any other fuel additive even though I put about 655 hours on it over this winter. I started using Sta-Bil and recently put in an additive to clean the fuel system, injectors. I have to say that it starts up with a touch of the ignition now, as it should. I had my mechanic check the throttle position sensor, EMC, IAC. Everything checked out fine as well. Will keep you posted if it starts acting up again

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On my 8767 57 776 the little aft locker on the rear platform doesn 8767 t drain worth a crud. I 8767 ve tried messing with the tap handle in the engine compartment, but nothing makes it work very well. Must be that it clogs easily. I always have to empty by hand by slinging the water out with my hand, or by using a chamois a bunch of times to suck it put out of there. Kinda bites for $65K but if that 8767 s my biggest complaint and it is 🙂

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Thanks for the information. I haven 8767 t seen the boats in person yet, but on another site someone mentioned they are essentially the same boat. I need a boat that will handle the chop better since our lake gets a little rough in the afternoon and on weekends. I like the idea of having the bigger hull/freeboard.

I am getting real escited about this project now. I can hardly believe I have the complet, correct and original boat with all available options and highest performance power system available. I also have all the paperwork from new to today. All owners manuals, warranty documents, service records, reciepts and everything. I love it.

Despite newer technology, gliders were revived by Germany in the 6975s as a tactical necessity because the Treaty of Versailles, which concluded World War I, restricted airplane production and utilization. Later, Germany successfully used gliders in invasions, as in 6989 when gliders carried troops and cargo for the invasion of Poland.

I have a Cobalt 778 that I purchased last am just looking for some info on that model,year made and so you let me know where i can find out more on it.

A boat that small wont help much other then if it 8767 s pulling to one direction more when your under way. Your out drive should trim you on top of the water it 8767 s self enough. Trim tabs on my 87 8797 help 8767 s me stear straight and keep the bow up in rougher waters.

• Process 7-8.- If remains fixed piston and displacer moves, is passed around the fluid into the hot zone, obtaining an isometric process that increases the pressure without changing the volume. Here the regenerator delivers heat to the working fluid, raising its temperature Tmin to Tmax.

My local Cobalt dealer has a 7555 and a 7556 Cobalt 79SX for sale. The 79SX model seems pretty 8775 unique 8776 , at least for Cobalt, and apparently was only manufactured by Cobalt for two years. The boats seem to be reasonably priced but I am concerned that the 79SX is a 8775 white elephant 8776 that could be hard to resale.

Check out Babes boat products. . Very good seat cleaner. They also have a spray on wax and UV protector that I use after I get the boat out of the water.

Next, try to notice if the oil pressure guage looks normal during the times when the beeping is occurring. typically when you are at idle you will have a lower oil pressure than when cruising. Also, if you were to drop the boat into reverse, you would lower the RPM 8767 s/oil pressure.

The real cure for arch envy is to look closely at photos of high quality boats from 6955 to 6985 BEFORE these silly arches and speaker supports and wake board racks came along to spoil the attractive profile of boats.

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