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Every semester, college appeals committees review letters from students who have--for whatever reason--failed enough courses to lead to their suspension from the school. There are several ways you can make sure that the letter you write will be effective in outlining your particular situation and ensuring that the committee will be able to see your case in the most favorable light possible.

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Writing a concise and factual appeal letter, like the ones in our appeal letter samples, is often the first step to getting any unjust work situation resolved. The next step is making sure your appeal gets into the right hands with the proper follow-up.

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A week later, I received another letter in the mail: this time, from the admissions office. The letter was less a letter, and more of a fat packet of smiling faces with the words "congratulations."

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In the opening paragraph, state your request first: "I would like to be readmitted to [department] for this coming semester. Next, state your current situation ("currently on academic suspension"). Use clear, direct language to show that you understand exactly what your situation is. Next, state the reason why the college has suspended you ("failed to maintain adequate GPA"). If you have been suspended for another reason, state what it is in clear, direct language.

I decided to appeal the decision. I knew the odds were slim: less than 6 percent of the student body at Berkeley were admitted off an appeal. Additionally, I was under the impression at the time that making an appeal was discouraged unless an applicant's GPA was miscalculated by a full letter grade or their SAT scores had risen significantly. Neither of these applied in my case.

First, I wanted to make the case that if I were to attend Berkeley, I would do just fine. And second, I needed to write the letter for my own sake, not for anyone else to rest easy with the knowledge that I had tried my best to get in.

¥ Rushing the Process: Being too hasty while writing your appeal can lead to a poorly written letter that has a far greater chance of being disregarded, no matter how strong your case may be.

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