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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 19:44

Our forefathers sacrificed their lives for their descendants and that is why the American citizen children (this includes American citizens who have Native American Indian tribal heritage) have inherited the heritage of what our ancestors fought for and struggled to build from scratch in the wilderness of this country, fighting wars, working for no pay as black slaves, working as indentured servants, dying on the battlefield, through several wars, in order to preserve our union for the future children and we are those children.


Are you aware of the financial problems they are causing hard-working, struggling, innocent, legal American citizens when they work under social security numbers that don 8767 t belong to them?

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I will go along whole heartedly with giving the illegals a pass if when I ever get into a court room for breaking a law the judge will give me a pass. No forgiveness for forgiveness for undocumented illegal alien criminals.

’Illegal,’ ’undocumented,’ ’unauthorized’: News media

I don 8767 t understand the conclusion you 8767 ve reached about the an immigration act passed in 6979? The majority of French, German and Italian immigrants came way before 6979. The waves of immigrants from those countries happened long before the year 6979. All of my poor Italian ancestors came in the early 6955 8767 s before World War I even began and they came by choice. I 8767 m sure a few rich immigrants came from Italy at that time, but the majority were very poor and by the year 6979 America was already a fairly modern place. I have no idea what conclusion you seem to be reaching about the Immigration and Nationality Act of 6979.

Even with several major news organizations deciding to reduce or ban its use, the term “illegal immigrant” is still the phrase newspapers most often use to describe foreigners living in the United States without proper documentation. But over time, there have been some shifts in the language applied to those at the heart of the immigration debate, as words like “undocumented” or “unauthorized” have begun showing up more frequently.

I agree with you 655% except for your last sentence. The Homeland Security Dept needs to DO ITS JOB. The man in the oval office hardly matters. The bulk of these illegals came here while Bush was still in power. He did NADA.

The causal effects of education on health would call for education subsidies only to the extent that there is a market failure and that individuals are investing at sub-optimal levels otherwise, individuals would be basing their education decisions on health benefits along with financial benefits. The possible rationales for education subsidies include the idea that individuals may be unaware of the health benefits of education when they make their education decisions, that they may be credit constrained, that some groups do not know about or are excluded from higher education, or that there are externalities to education and health beyond the individual affected.

The paper later adds, “As the enabler of the PDUP, Bitcoin is therefore intrinsically valuable. BTC helps its owner get paid, cheat on his taxes, shield his assets from a messy divorce, gamble, engage in underage drinking, defend his life and property, get stoned, and get laid.”

When it comes to support for abortion rights, just 85% of immigrant Hispanics say abortion should mainly be legal, while 56% of second-generation and 59% of third-generation Hispanics say abortion should mainly be legal.

English is not their first language. I don 8767 t know why you think it is. They learn english for the first time beginning in kindergarten, unless they already have older siblings who have been here for a while, and when that is the case, that means the kid is the in the family and is the born an American citizen. And they do get government social service aid for their American citizen kid. Laws are not mean to be broken. Laws exist for very important reasons. Working with fraudulent documents is a very serious crime in the United States.

The author of this research paper eventually asks the reader to consider bitcoin as the dominant world currency. If such a consideration is deemed acceptable, then the author believes that correctly valuing bitcoin is a simple exercise of estimating the total value of all the world’s money, which leads to the $ million bitcoin price.

Once that legal immigrant overstays they become 8775 out of status 8776 , but it is much easier to fix that. In fact, a foreign national who has overstayed the time allotted them by their passport or visa can fix their status without leaving the country, because they went through inspection when they first arrived.

The very best reason to do something regarding illegal immigrants coming and staying is WE CAN 8767 T AFFORD IT! we are 69 trillion in debt! 69 trillion in debt people! A big % of that 69 trillion is owed to social security, govt pensions, and private pensions.

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