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SparkNotes: Dubliners: “Eveline”

Date of publication: 2017-08-29 08:50

Local day students come to Dublin for a variety of reasons including higher academic standards, greater opportunities for extracurricular involvement and the opportunity to interact with a broader range of people than exist in the surrounding area. They benefit the school through their knowledge of the Monadnock region and life in NH -- and often, an invitation to a boarding student for a home cooked meal! In fact, most of our day students view themselves as boarding students who sleep at home.

SparkNotes: Dubliners: Plot Overview

The closing scene with Little Chandler and his wife is remarkable, just because he doesn't even seem like the same guy who was sitting in the King's Inns at the beginning of the tale. When his son's crying interrupts Chandler's heady thoughts (which do feel pretty familiar), he has a wildly inappropriate response. To yell "Stop" at an infant is something only a very drunk and very embittered Little Chandler would do, but there you have it.

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Since the story that follows "A Little Cloud" is titled "Counterparts," it's worth looking at the role of Gallaher as a kind of anti-counterpart. As a representative of the world outside Dublin, he is everything that Chandler wants. But as a playboy and man about town, he gives Chandler the evidence that leaving Dublin would involve him in a life he couldn't handle. He's like the carrot held out in front of a rabbit—except that when you look closely, the carrot's completely rotten.

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And check out how Mrs Mooney isn't even nervous when she confronts Polly and then Mr Doran. She plans the whole thing out so she has time to sit in her rocking chair before she talks to Polly and then catch mass after she talks to Mr Doran.

A former sheriff's deputy, he was a terrible husband to Mrs Mooney, especially after her father died and he felt like he could start drinking, embezzling money from the butcher shop, and accruing debts. Once Mrs Mooney gets a divorce, he's pretty bad off, "a shabby stooped little drunkard" (The Boarding ). If the fact that Mrs Mooney doesn't even give him enough money to live on doesn't say something about how bad he was, it certainly tell us that she's not someone to mess with. But we already knew that.

First of all, poor Polly for having "bad grammar" (The Boarding ). It's one thing her lover, Mr Doran, thinks about her when he's listing the pros and cons of marrying her, and we at Shmoop just want to use this opportunity to remind you, readers, that good grammar can really go a long way.

Some schools are supportive. Others are intense. Being both is hard. We work diligently at this difficult balance in order to bring out the best in our students and ourselves.

Financial Aid Forms are available on the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) website. Forms for upcoming school years usually are available in early-mid November. Deadline for submitting financial aid paperwork is January 86st, and we usually ask you to call the school to make sure that we have received everything we need relating to financial aid.

Students attending Dublin come from all areas of the globe and all economic and educational levels. The strategy of having a diverse student population contributes to the enhancement of social growth of our students. In a school of 655, diversity of viewpoint and background can't be avoided -- rather we find that our differences are explored and celebrated.

Yes. We require SSAT, and for an English Proficiency Test for speakers of English as a Second Language. Please see the SSAT website for test dates and locations each year.

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The world that teenagers face is increasingly filled with complexity - differing and competing cultures, ideas and values challenge how we value and see the world. Dublin is intentional in creating an ideal balance of students from differing backgrounds and nations. We want students to learn from the diversity of their and their friends' experiences.

This leads directly to enhanced respect for all persons and the ability to work and socialize with others. Our environment welcomes a diversity of interests and perspectives and prepares students for an increasingly complex world.

Does this make her a good parent, though? Well, not really. Like those other two parents, Mrs Mooney is out to protect numero uno. She actually wants Mr Doran to marry Polly because she'd been thinking of sending Polly back to typing school anyway, and because she knows that it's probably a better marriage than Polly would get otherwise.

The Harrisville Inn - 797 Chesham Road , 658- 877-8668 - a family run Bed and Breakfast set in the beautiful countryside if the Monadnock Region of New England.

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