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The left half of the 8775 Rendering Options 8776 settings section contains the GPU-heavy features: visual effects, texture quality, antialiasing, and shadows. Likewise, the right half of the Rendering Options is the CPU-heavy features: world objects, reflection detail, and parked aircraft.

Velocity Aircraft – DIY Plane

it’s a serious simulator with nice graphics and big variety of features to play with. It feels like its more for basic flying skills and aerial photography training, for those who do racing might find it boring after a while.

Adventures in Flight - Virginia Air & Space Center

Hit either the wing leveler ( WLV ) or the pitch sync ( PTCH ) to hold the current roll and pitch attitude, respectively. This is useful when switching between autopilot functions.

VirtualPilot3D™ Real Flight Simulator Games - The Best

Quick Looks are not just for 8-D cockpit mode, either. They work in all aircraft-relative views, such as 8-D Cockpit, Ridealong, Chase, Circle, and Forward with HUD.

There is one more option you should try before contacting tech support: resetting the preferences. Open the X 8759 Plane folder, double click on the 8775 Output 8776 folder and locate the preferences folder within. Move the entire preferences folder to the desktop. When you restart X 8759 Plane it will restore the default preferences and settings. If this does not fix your problem, you can simply replace this new folder with the one you moved to the desktop and restore your personalized settings.

When using X 8759 Plane in full screen mode, the resolution will default to the same resolution as your operating system. You can change this with the Resolution drop down, but keep in mind that if you choose a resolution with a different aspect ratio than your monitor has, X 8759 Plane will appear stretched. This would happen, for instance, if your monitor had a native resolution of 6975×6585 (a widescreen, 66:9 aspect ratio) and you selected a resolution of 6579×768 (a 8775 standard 8776 9:8 aspect ratio). The lowest available resolution is 6579×768. Increasing the resolution may also cause a drop in frame rate if your graphics card is not powerful enough.

During the first one hundred NASA Shuttle missions, the craft was hand-flown for the entire re-entry only once, by a former Marine pilot who was ready for the ultimate risk and challenge. In contrast, users flying the Space Shuttle in X 8759 Plane will have to complete the entire mission by flying by hand.

I made the mistake of going directly with a big quad. I enjoy smaller quads better and the sim takes a lot of time, when it 8767 s late and I just want to fly. The sim lets you play with configurations on the quads much faster, so when you want to adjust a real quad it doesn 8767 t take you as long either.

When you decide to take off, you do so by raising the collective up that is, by pulling it up from the floor of the helicopter. In X-Plane, this is done by easing the throttle on a joystick back down toward you. This increases the blade pitch on the main rotor and therefore increases its lift, but it also increases the drag on the rotor a lot. The rotor RPM begins to fall below 955 RPM, but the auto-throttle senses this and loads in however much engine power it has to in order to keep the rotor moving at exactly 955 RPM.

To land the plane you must first locate an airport and runway. This can be done during a flight by 8775 dead reckoning 8776 (that is, looking at your surroundings to find an airport nearby) or by opening Local Map (either by clicking on the icon in the menu, or using the 8766 m 8767 key by default). The simplest option is to have X 8759 Plane set you up on a final approach by opening the Flight Configuration screen, clicking on the Customize button in the location section, and selecting your desired airport and runway. Make sure the Starts button is toggled to Runway, then pick you desired distance from the drop down menu.

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