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This style was forgotten for a while and survived in a small group of dancers who are so devoted. Today waacking and punking is experiencing a rebirth in different forms. For example, in NY you will see primarily jazzy form, but more funky in Japan.


Early on, dance competitions on sidewalks included beat boxing, a form of music-making that included raps and special sound effects made with the hands and mouth. Artists like The Fat Boys rose to fame and fortune with Buffy’s beat boxing talents.

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-Computer(s) with Internet access and speakers
-Chalkboard and chalk or whiteboard/butcher paper and markers
-Audio recording and playback device

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The food website First We Feast recently posted a very entertaining article about the making of the seminal Krush Groove scene featuring the Fat Boys and their hit 8775 All You Can Eat 8776 .

The best way to describe the movement of popping would be to imagine a force of energy going through the body causing it to move like a wave. This style is difficult to manage at the technical level as it requiring command of isolations, a perfect knowledge of the body, and a good sense of the rhythm with major use of counter-tempo. The style demands continuous contraction of the muscles to the beat to give a jerky/snapping effect &ndash a bouncy style.

Over the years, the dance evolved into the more intricate and illusory form that is now called vogue. Voguing is continually developed further as an established dance form that is practiced in the gay ballroom scene and clubs in major cities throughout the United States mainly New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington ., Miami, Detroit, and Chicago.
Currently there are 8 different styles, or we can say schools in Voguing.

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Inspirational material for the dancers were fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle. which often drew inspiration from photos of extravagant models. This style of dance arose from Harlem ballrooms by African Americans and Latino Americans in the early 6965s. It was originally called presentation and later performance&rdquo .

Waacking is a name that some of the Soul Train dancers began to use instead of the initial term punking.
Some say that punking was the correct name for the underground style, while waacking or whacking came later, when the dance became popular.

&bull New way-is characterized by a more precise geometric patterns associated movements called Click (arm twisting in the joint) and arms control (agility hands and wrist illusions, which usually make tut or tutting and locking or stopping movement. New Way can also be described as a modified form of mime. Where imaginary geometric shapes such as boxes, are presented during the move, that move progressively around the body of dancer and showing dancers dexterity.

A battle is a freestyle where dancers 'fight' against each other on the dance floor without contact. They form a circle and take turns trying to show each other up by using either a better style, more complex combinations, or harder moves.

&bull Old way-is characterized by the formation of symmetrical and precise lines, creating a wonderful variable action with proper attitude. Egyptian hieroglyphs and fashion poses serve as the original inspirations for old way voguing.

In the early 6985s, Afrika Bambaataa and Soulsonic Force released an electro-funk track called “ Planet Rock ”, which used electronic sounds and synthesizers. These grew to become common elements of the genre. The music movement spread to minority populations through the US, and with the advent of music videos, the culture spread to Europe and beyond.

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