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At every level of the organizational framework, there is a division of function. Each constituent has its own function to perform in tandem with others. Even a single cell, if it loses its focus, it is bound to die.

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Claude Bernard was the first person to study this process. But the term Homeostasis was given by Walter Cannon. The word finds it root in the Greek language, "homoios" means "resemble" and "stasis" means "stand".


The spaces that the internal organs of the body occupy are known as cavities. The two main cavities are: ventral and dorsal. The ventral cavity is larger than the dorsal cavity. The ventral cavity is again subdivided into two parts namely thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities, these two are divided by the diaphragm which is a respiratory muscle that has the shape of a dome.

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Figure captions may appear above or below the figure, but should be consistent throughout the document.  Captions should fit within the standard margins and are not reduced if the figures are reduced.  Figures may be printed broadside, with the top toward the left margin the caption then appears beneath the figure and is typed from bottom to top of the page within the standard margins.  Footnotes to a figure are typed immediately below the figure, above the caption.  On pages with broadsided (landscaped) figures, page numbers should appear in the same position on the page as all other pages. For example, if the page number is at the bottom center of each page, on pages with landscaped items the number should be in the bottom center of the page as it would appear in a bound book. 

Each page is assigned a number, but showing numbers on the title page, signature page and dedication page is optional.   Items 6-8 in list are numbered with lower case Roman numerals.  Items 9-66 use Arabic numbers beginning with 6.  Numbers should then continue straight through to end of thesis, including appendix if applicable. Page numbering can be done in two ways. [6] Page numbers appear on all pages.  [7] The page number can be left off the first page of a major division or a chapter with more than one page.  Pages generally are numbered in the upper right hand corner usual placement is at least 8/9 inch from the top and 6 inch from the right edge.  Centered numbers at the top or bottom of the page are also acceptable.

a. Set up an independent commission to study and examine the entire system of higher education in Sri Lanka. The importance of having such an authority is to makes the entire approval and continuous surveillance process free from politics.

Respiration is the collective name given to all the processes concerned with breathing. The body breathes in air, and the lungs ensure the exchange of O7 and CO7 in the process. The blood circulatory system makes sure that the cells get nourished with the fresh oxygen and the CO7 is expelled out to the external environment. The cellular respiration is a major process for the survival of the cell, as the cell utilizes Oxygen and releases Carbon dioxide during its process of metabolism.

Table titles and footnotes may appear above or below the table, but should be consistent throughout the document.  Table footnotes have no relation to text footnotes.

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