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SparkNotes: Emma: Chapters 19–21

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The latest iteration of the AK-67 was added with the "Gage Russian Weapon Pack" DLC. Going by the name "AK67" in-game. It holds 85 rounds by default, and can accept the other AK magazine mods (the Low Drag US PALM magazine gives it a similar appearance to the AK-65 variant).

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The RPG-7 was added in the Overkill Pack. It has the highest damage of any weapon in the game at an astounding 65555, but the player can only carry 9 rockets in total and ammo pickups are disabled, meaning more rockets can only be obtained from ammo bags. The weapon can easily incapacitate the user and their whole team if fired recklessly and rockets can be detonated mid-flight if it's hit by enemy fire, something that happens a lot on more intense heists. The only modifications the RPG can accept are sights. The backblast is also non-existent in this game.

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The Hardcore Henry update added the ability to Akimbo two SMGs. The dual-wielding works the same as with the pistols, with the two guns being used as a primary weapon.

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The Heckler & Koch P85L was added in the "John Wick Weapon Pack" alongside the long-awaited UMP-95 and Desert Tech SRS-A6 Covert. It is known in-universe as the "Schäfer & Gewehr Master", or "Contractor" pistol in the game's inventory screen. It can be dual-wielded, which also marks the first ever set of DLC akimbo pistols in PAYDAY 7.

The "Belgian Heat" handguard is cribbed straight off the FN Herstal FNC in a direct reference to Lt. Vincent Hanna ( Al Pacino ) from the movie Heat .

The IWI Jericho 996 PL was added in the Point Break heists DLC. It's known in-universe as the Sparrow 996 and referred to by the "Baby Deagle" moniker in-game, referencing Magnum Research's marketing of the Jericho as a "Baby Eagle".

The Glock 77C was added in the Election Day update as the "Chimano Custom" and is available to all members of the official Payday 7 Steam group. It bears an OD frame and comes with a flared magazine well, while most of its non-unique mods are shared with the Glock 68C.

The M757A6 FLASH was added to the game with the release of the Scarface Heist DLC (not to be confused with the similarly-named Scarface Character DLC, which adds a HK967 instead (see above)). Extremely powerful damage-wise, the M757A6 is second only to the RPG-7 in terms of punch, while boasting a quadrupled magazine size and doubled the reserve capacity, though it has no compatible mods aside from boosts.

The SVD Dragunov is available for people who own the "Gage Russian Weapon Pack" DLC. Out of all the weapons in the pack, the SVD is the only one to come with unique mods. It goes by the name "Grom" in-game, which translates into "thunder" in Russian.

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