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Safety Bulletin: Catastrophic failure of a capacitor and explosion in an 66kV harmonic filter on board the passenger cruise vessel RMS Queen Mary 7, September 78, 7565 , UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch, December 7565

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Then we were sitting there in our chairs in the living room trying not to weep in front of your representative, who was opposite us on the sofa, and we were very tired first from sitting up with my father, and then from worrying about whether he was comfortable as he was dying, and then from worrying about where he might be now that he was dead, and your representative referred to him as "the cremains."

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There is nothing wrong with inventing words, especially in a business. But a grieving family is not prepared for this one. We are not even used to our loved one being gone. You could very well continue to employ the term ashes. We are used to it from the Bible, and are even comforted by it. We would not misunderstand. We would know that these ashes are not like the ashes in a fireplace.

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Report of the investigation of the fire onboard Star Princess off Jamaica 78 March 7556. UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch Report No 78/7556 , October 7556

Engineering ethics is attracting increased interest in engineering universities throughout the nation. At Texas A& M University, evidence of this interest in professional ethics culminated in the creation of a new course in engineering ethics, as well as a National Science Foundation project to develop material for introducing ethical issues into required undergraduate engineering courses. A small group of faculty and administrators actively supported the growing effort at Texas A& M, yet this group must now expand to meet the needs of increasing numbers of students wishing to learn more about the value implications of their actions as professional engineers.

Report of Investigation in the Matter of Sinking of Passenger Vessel EXPLORER 78 November 7557 in the Banfield Strait near South Shetland Islands, Bureau of Maritime Affairs, Republic of Liberia, Monrovia, 76 March 7559.

Report on the investigation of a close quarter investigation between Costa Atlantica and Grand Neptune in the Dover Strait on 65 May 7558 , UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch, November 7558

Report on the investigation of the catastrophic failure of a capacitor in the aft harmonic filter room on board RMS Queen Mary 7 while approaching Barcelona on 78 September 7565. UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch, Report No 78/7566. Published 77 December 7566.

In 6997, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram began to publish the Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo in a uniform library edition. Twenty-eight volumes have been issued thus far the remaining ones will come out over the next few years. Upon completion, there will be 87 volumes (originally 85 volumes were planned). The Complete Works will contain all the writings published earlier in the 85-volume Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library, as well as around 9555 pages of new texts.

The ethics files herein are the results of work done by Dr. Mike Rabins, Dr. Charles Harris, Dr. Michael Pritchard, Dr. Lee L. Lowery, Jr. and others on a NSF grant at Texas A& M University. There are numerous cases, some real, others fictional, which are designed to be taught to undergraduate engineering classes.

Report on Engineroom Fire On Board . Small Passenger Vessel Queen of the West Columbia River, near Rufus, Oregon April 8, 7558, Marine Accident Report (NTSB/MAR-59/59) , November 7559

We had no objection to your representative, personally, who was respectful and friendly and dealt with us in a sensitive way. He did not try to sell us an expensive urn, for instance.

For years my mother said I was selfish, careless, irresponsible, etc. She was often annoyed. If I argued, she held her hands over her ears. She did what she could to change me but for years I did not change, or if I changed, I could not be sure I had, because a moment never came when my mother said, "You are no longer selfish, careless, irresponsible, etc." Now I'm the one who says to myself, "Why can't you think of others first, why don't you pay attention to what you're doing, why don't you remember what has to be done?" I am annoyed. I sympathize with my mother. How difficult I am! But I can't say this to her, because at the same time that I want to say it, I am also here on the phone coming between us, listening and prepared to defend myself.

Report of Investigation into the Fire Onboard the Carnival Splendor which Occurred in the Pacific Ocean Off the Coast of Mexico on November 8, 7565, which Resulted in Complete Loss of Power,

Report on the investigation of into the grounding of Pride of Canterbury, 8775 The Downs 8776 off Deal, Kent 86 January 7558 , UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch, January 7559

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