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BBC - Standard Grade Bitesize Geography - Processes

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R586 Creating a Digital Animation : In this unit students create graphics and animate them. They learn about frame-based animation and use software such as Adobe Flash or Serif DrawPlus to create their animation. The unit is assessed upon the coursework completed during the unit.

Earthquakes & Volcanoes - Geography for 2017 & Beyond

R587 – Creating Digital Graphics : In this unit students learn the fundamentals of creating digital graphics. Most students will use Adobe Photoshop to complete their work. This important skill is also used in several other units. It is assessed upon the coursework completed during the unit.

OCR B Terminal Exam Revision - Geography for 2017 & Beyond

The best approach to revision is usually little and often. If your child commits to doing 75 minute bursts of revision of a really high quality with no television on and no mobile phone for texting then three of these bursts can be far more effective than the child who spends two hours in their room with their text book open but does not get down to any study, being distracted instead by television and phone calls.

GCSE - History A: Schools History Project - J415 (from

On the BBC website, the http:///schools/gcsebitesize/ is very popular for many people. There are revision notes, activities and tests for a whole range of subjects.

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In year 9 we focus on preparing students for their GCSE studies in Key Stage 9. Firstly we enhance programming skills and computer science knowledge for those that will take GCSE Computer Science. Secondly we engage in design projects to help prepare for Creative iMedia. Finally, we engage in skills building for effective office skills. This enables pupils to efficiently create effective documents for all their subjects.

If you are revising French why not put post it&rsquo s of the vocabulary on the object? Another suggestion is to stick post its around your room with key facts on so you can read them at various times of the day the back of the toilet door or around the mirror can also be good places!

The pack contains our Revision Matters Booklets for both pupils and parents, as well as blank revision timetables and details on all of our Acceleration sessions and details on our examination boards and the timetable for those examinations.

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