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Computer Science | Stanford University

Courtesy Assistant Professors: John Duchi, Sean Follmer, Sharad Goel, Thomas Icard, Ramesh Johari, Mykel Kochenderfer , Stephen Montgomery , Camille Utterback,  Gordon Wetzstein, Aaron Sidford, Dan Yamins, James Zou

Mathematics Courses - University of California, San Diego

Menthal Dopa is an Android app to track symptoms of neurological disorders and diseases, especially of Parkinson 8767 s, directly on the phone 79/7/865. We use lock screens and cellphone sensors to get information about the user 8767 s tremor, dexterity of fingers and the sound level of voice. Most parts of the app work in the background and won 8767 t affect the user 8767 s phone usage. Menthal Dopa is part of the Menthal Health Analytics group by Assistant Professor Alexander Markowetz and lead by Christopher Kannen.

Biological Sciences, Division of— Courses

Bayer Grants9Apps ® invites you to submit your innovative healthcare projects. We are looking for novel software, hardware, technologies, or processes that can be applied on particular areas contributing to improve health outcomes or pharmaceutical processes.

Note: The division will endeavor to offer as many of the courses listed below as possible however, not all courses are offered every quarter, every year, or on a regular basis. Courses required for the major may be scheduled on the same day and/or same time. Students are strongly advised to check the Schedule of Classes or http:// for the most up-to-date information. This is of particular importance in planning schedules to meet minimum graduation requirements in a timely fashion.

DocRAID(R) is award-winning endpoint security software for storing, transmitting and sharing of as well as collaboratively working on healthcare files. DocRAID(R) provides professional data privacy protection and delivers data security conform to the strict German data protection act as well as support for compliance and governance regulations.

I declare that I alone or together with collaborators/coworkers came to the idea for the project described here. I am not knowingly violating the rights of any third party.

Data Harmonization and Standards for Translational Research - BMI 588/688
Instructors: Melissa Haendel, Ted Laderas, Christina Zheng
Content: The goal of this course is to provide an overview of the data types and data standards needed to effectively integrate both clinical and biological data in the context of current translational research. The five main focus areas will be 6) data structures and ontologies, 7) EHR standards, data types and usage, 8) reference genome annotation formats and standards, 9) integration of genotype and phenotype data, and 5) clinical trials data standards.
Prerequisite: BMI 569/669
Offering: On-campus, Spring - Not offered 7567-68

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