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Antimycotic activity: Kavain has limited antibacterial capacity against some forms of gonococcus bacteria DHK is active against the fungus Aspergillus niger.

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The following is a language cross-reference for plants held in a traditional plant garden on Pohnpei. The list is in Pohnpeian order as the garden is on Pohnpei and is labeled in Pohnpeian. The list is based on a Pohnpeian list created by garden creator and curator Totoa Fetalai-Currie. The garden was the result of efforts by the director of the College of Micronesia-FSM. Funding for the garden project was provided by the United States Department of Agriculture &ndash Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education fund with additional funding from the New Zealand government.

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Angiosperms are characterizable by the shapes of their leaves and flowers. A third identification dimension for angiosperms are their fruit. All angiosperms produce fruit. Fruit is a seed contained within a fruiting body that usually develops from the walls of the ovary of the plant.

Japanese name.] Certainly its early years appear to have been no less difficult for its founding settlers, twenty-four farm families from Hokkaido who struggled to make a living by growing vegetables to sell to the townspeople in Kolonia, some five or six miles distant.

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Plants have provided shelter to ancient Micronesians &ndash wood, thatch, and woven walls kept many a family safe from the wind and the rain. Plants provided transportation in the form of outrigger and ocean-going canoes. Plants provided the fibers that were woven and plaited into skirts and other articles of clothing.

The sun is up above the earth during the day, so the tallest plant gets the sunlight. Tall wins. Mosses cannot move water, so they cannot be tall. This is a huge limitation.

There are also cultural contexts in which care occurs. In Micronesia, female reproductive system problems are more likely to be treated by female healers. Some plant medicines may be restricted based on the clan of the patient. Who cares for whom and who is cured in what particular way is culturally based. This is covered in more detail in the next section.

Possibly the most revered plant in Hinduism is tulsi , also known as tulasi ( Ocimum tenuiflorum ). Tulsi is associated with purity. Yogis wear beads made from the wood of older, larger tulsi shrubs. The beads purify the mind, emotions, and body.

Elsewhere in southeast asian tulsi is used as a medicinal plant, thus the plant has both spiritual and healing uses. Even here in on Pohnpei, tulsi planted on either side of a path or driveway will prevent evil spirits from passing. Thus tulsi may be seen as a pair of plants in front of a home. The Pohnpeians call the plant kadiring.

Of what use are psychoactive compounds to plants? In sakau the kava lactones may be antifungal. In Cannabis the active compounds, cannabinols, may protect the plant against ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

In Japan an endemic species of cypress - an evergreen - the sugi tree ( Cryptomeria japonica is an integral part of many temples and shrines. The sugi is the national tree of Japan. The oldest temple in Japan is surrounded by a forest of sugi. The tree is perceived to concentrate the mystical forces of nature within the Shinto religious system.

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