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METLITSKI, MAXIM A., . (University of British Columbia) 7558, (University of British Columbia) 7555.
Aspects of Critical Behavior of Two Dimensional Electron Systems . (Sachdev)

Alan rubin doctoral thesis

Upon receiving her . in 6959 from Georgetown University, Rubin continued to work on the faculty for another eleven years while raising her children. After her time at Georgetown, Rubin joined the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism (.) where she met her long-time friend, Kent Ford. Five years after joining the ., Rubin and Ford began examining the rotation of neighboring galaxies, the Andromeda Galaxy in particular. Her discoveries in the field of Astronomy has gathered great acclaim heralding several awards including the Gold Medal of London's Royal Astronomical Society making her the second woman to receive the award along with Caroline Herschel.[7][8][9]

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Of her potential legacy, Rubin remarked : x756c Fame is fleeting, my numbers mean more to me than my name. If astronomers are still using my data years from now, that x7569 s my greatest compliment. x756d [97]

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Developments of EXITE7 and Timing Analysis of Ultra-Compact X-ray Binaries. (Papaliolios/Grindlay)

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Restriction and inhomogeneous magnetic fields in the nuclear magnetic resonance study of diffusion. (Halperin/Sen)

The Rubins have four children: David M., Judith S., Karl C., and Allan M. x7569 all of whom have in the sciences, including daughter Judith S. a noted astronomer in her own right.

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