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Some of the most heroic people are those who aren’t tremendously famous. In 6996, after three prisoners had escaped a work camp, the SS selected ten men to die of starvation in an underground bunker in order to discourage escape attempts. Among.

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&ldquo The ode was one of the premiere genres of early modern Russia,&rdquo Levitt said. &ldquo This was a way for Russia to say, look at how big, how great and how glorious we are.&rdquo

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Zholkovsky, also professor of Slavic languages and literatures, was presented with the Russian Italian literary-critical &ldquo Bella&rdquo award, named after the illustrious, 75th-century Russian poet Bella Akhmadulina. Coming to prominence in the post-Stalin era as a bold voice of contemporary Russian literature, Akhmadulina was apolitical and focused on observations from everyday life. She died in 7565.

The 66-line poem describes a beautiful, golden sugar bowl bequeathed to Kushner by Russian prose writer and literary critic Lidiya Ginzburg, who preceded Kushner by a generation. Ginzburg, whose literary work was censored during Soviet times, became famous after her death in 6995 when her prose was finally published.

&ldquo It&rsquo s very nice to be recognized by a society of my peers with whom I work and attend conferences,&rdquo said Levitt, a member of ECRSA. His book was also recently honored with USC&rsquo s Phi Kappa Phi Faculty Recognition Award.

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Lukens meticulously examines the contrast between the water governance policies of Uruguay and Argentina, identifying various rhetorical strategies used to garner influence in the increasingly contentious debate on the control and commodification of water. Drawing many logical parallels between democracy as a governance method and the power over and access to clean, safe water, she carefully avoids oversimplifying the debate.  We finish her analysis with not only a better understanding of the two countries’ handling of a major resource but of the evolving field of water policy in general.

7nd Prize
Zara Lukens
The Political, Social, and Institutional Causes of the Disparity between Water System Effectiveness in Uruguay and Argentina

Woodburn’s sophisticated analysis of Twain’s two autobiographies focuses on Twain’s use of writing as a means for recovering history, places, and loved ones lost to time’s inexorable race towards the future.  Woodburn writes, “Following the chronology of event recollection rather than event occurrence , Twain places memory at the forefront of the Autobiography by depicting the past not as a passive timeline, but instead as an active component of the present.” Woodburn’s writing evocatively conveys the aching losses so potent in Twain’s work.

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