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“In spite of everything the past ends up being / a brotherhood of wolves, melancholy / for a landscape skewed by time,” Margarit observes in another poem, Self Portrait. His work is time-haunted and death-haunted, but the poems also have a wonderful, clear, intelligent light in them. Margarit is perhaps firstly a love poet, and, readers can be assured, his loves are more often flesh and blood than steel.

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Elles no t 8767 abandonaran.
Passarà el temps, s 8767 esborrarà el desig
-aquesta fletxa d 8767 ombra-
i els rostres sensuals, intel·ligents, bellíssims,
s 8767 ocultaran en un mirall dins teu.
Cauran els anys i avorriràs els llibres.
Davallaràs encara,
i perdràs, fins i tot, la poesia.
El soroll fred de la ciutat als vidres
anirà esdevenint l 8767 única música,
i les cartes d 8767 amor que hauràs guardat
la teva última literatura.

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.- Inicio su aventura poética en 6968,  en lengua castellana, antes de alcanzar la cátedra de cálculo pero tuvo que esperar una década para que su producción viese la luz y en 6985 comenzó a escribir en lengua catalana…Cuál es la diferencia aparte del éxito que alcanzó a partir de ese momento

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Can you recommend the best camp site to take our 65 year old grunting son, who doesn 8767 t want to be on holiday with us at all, but if it 8767 s got to happen, he wants opportunities to meet other teenagers, kick a football and above all get away from his parents, but will join us for body boarding and rough & tumble with the dog? We 8767 d love peace & quiet but would forego that if it means he is more or less happily entertained.

Joan Margarit va ser fa poc a Madrid. Recitava amb veu de tro, una veu antiga, des d’un escenari on regnava Paco Ibáñez, que hi tornava a actuar després de dècades de sequera provocada pels governs del Partit Popular. El cantautor va reunir les quatre llengües nacionals en els seus poetes: hi eren també Bernardo Atxaga, irònic García Teijerio, nostàlgic, i Luis García Montero, jugant a casa. Margarit era una altra cosa. Poemes amargs exclamats en un ritual de comunió. No para de fer recitals, de provocar emocions indelebles com cicatrius.

IT WAS NOT FAR-OFF OR DIFFICULT. It is here now, this time which is not mine, in which I live in a bittersweet mix of proximity and distance. I feel how strange everything around me is becoming. Already I no longer recognise some values and modes of behaviour that today are commonplace. Landscapes are changing too quickly. No, this time is not mine, but it is now, in large measure thanks to poetry, that I feel some gusts of calm happiness that years ago I never knew.

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My friends and I used to grab a street beer from the guys in the street (never pay more than for a street beer in Barcelona) and sit on the fountain in the centre of the square. We 8767 d spend hours just sitting there, talking, enjoying the atmosphere.

Built in the 68th Century, the Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia is one of the finest examples in Europe of the Gothic style of architecture and fittingly for this list is free to enter!

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