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I think you found the head of the nail. It reminds me of something I read a few years back, 8775 The big problem with psychology is that what we think we know about the psychology of human beings is actually what we know about the psychology of American college students. 8776


This post just got linked by Glen Reynolds 8767 Instapundit Feed. Professor Reynolds is pretty much the internet godfather of the main-stream Red tribe, Senators read his blog. You might have already noticed from watching incoming links, but if you were looking to get the 8775 others 8776 attention you have it, at least to some degree.

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//And if you mix together the open-source tech industry and the parallel universe where you can’t wear a FreeBSD t-shirt without risking someone trying to exorcise you, //

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This was one of my first thoughts as well. Blue = Brahmin and Red = Vaisya the other castes are much less relevant to most NRx discussion, with the possible exception of the Dalits, which Scott doesn 8767 t talk about at all in his analysis. (Dalits are the actual underclass, which form part of the Democratic political coalition but are not in any sense culturally Blue/Brahmin.)

I think this is the real rationale behind Less Wrong 8767 s ban on politics. Of course, as the main post demonstrates, many topics related to politics can and should be discussed productively from a rationalist perspective.

Regardless of the creatures in the wild, they are more afraid of you then you of them. Be sensible & practice smart behavior with your food will camping. Common sense goes a long way when encountering a potential threat in the woods.

Frat bros Often misogynistic, perpetuate hookup culture which imho is bad, certain fraternities (though absolutely not mine) seem to actually have culture like the recent story about TKE at University of Wisconson-Milwaukee which is beyond appalling and reprehensible

You know Sandy Hook was 67/69 or a month and a half ago. One might think 6785 is high. However, the average in 7565 was 7,666 or so for a single month. Adjusting that it should be about 9,555. So we're actually having less than normal.

And though I do find the pronouncements of some US evangelicals painful and embarrassing, they 8767 re still family. I care about them not just because I care how Jesus is being presented to the watching world though that 8767 s a significant aspects but also because these are brothers and sisters, dealing with similar issues to those I deal with over here, but in a somewhat different culture which makes some traps easier to fall into. (And others harder: I 8767 m sure my politics are influenced by my culture and coloured by anti-Christian thoughts in a variety of ways I haven 8767 t realised yet.)

I don 8767 t think I 8767 m along in strongly suspecting that the deontological/sacredness arguments are the motivating factors for you finding deleterious psychological consequences. When your System 6 is strongly opposed to something, you should be suspicious when your System 7 comes up with reasons to justify that.

Sometimes I think you 8767 re a crypto-NRx with the mission of taking NRx insights and concepts and spreading them to the larger rationalist/atheist/skeptic community with your excellent writing skills and relatively high status in said community.

And yeah, in about two minutes I could file the disconnector in my 6966, and have a full auto (though uncontrolled) 6966. Hell, I could even put a drum mag on it and go nuts. But as I said, it's a federal crime.

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