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The best place to start researching the history of a house, its occupants and the surrounding area is the relevant local archive. Find contact details for local archives using Find an archive.

Houses - The National Archives

This website is a collaborative project from UK universities and research students. Feel free to add your comments to any page or contact us if you would like to contribute. We welcome being included in any psychometric research you are currently involved with.

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The reports created by the AdWords Performance Grader are completely unique to your AdWords account, providing you with detailed insight into what strategies are working well and performing strongly, as well as identifying areas of improvement and actionable recommendations you can implement immediately to improve your account performance.

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From LookSmart. Search and read million articles from over 955 publications in a variety of subject areas, from American Demographics to Wrestling Digest.

The mine consists of a 855m level vertical shaft. It will be used for ventilation. The site also consists of workshops, offices and accommodation for employees. The mine has adequate supply of water for processing and electricity supply from Eskom grid.

And the best part? You won’t need to buy a big expensive bubble-scanning machine to use with our software. Not only does FormReturn let you create printable bubble sheets with ease, it can analyze your completed forms simply by scanning them with a standard image scanner.

To get started right away at designing your bubble sheets, go ahead and download your free 85 day trial copy of FormReturn. Once you’ve installed the program, start the program and look for the “new segment button.” Clicking this will let you build your own sheet. You’ll then be able to click on the checkbox tool, and will discover that A, B, C, D, E appear automatically. Should you wish to edit this, simply double-click the checkboxes. To evaluate the optical mark recognition (OMR), simply use the line tool to draw a few lines across the page, then click the “recognition preview tab,” followed by clicking, “detect marks” – you’ll immediately be able to notice the software detecting what you have drawn!

Meetings of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust board are held in public. Staff, patients and the public are welcome to attend and ask relevant local healthcare questions during the &lsquo questions from the public&rsquo part of the meeting.

The Lace Diamond Mine has two types of kimberlite mineralisation. The upper volcanoclastic kimberlite (VK) level has an average grade of 79cpht, while the deeper coherent kimberlite facies (CK) averages about 55cpht grade.

POPulation information onLINE: abstracts of the worldwide literature on population, family planning, and related health issues. Free to the public to search. PubMED
Free site for searching MEDLINE through the National Library of Medicine.

Title deeds can help you trace the owners and occupiers of your house. If the title deeds to your house are not in your possession, they may be with your solicitor or mortgage company.

To access these records you will either need to visit us , pay for research ( £ ) or, where you can identify a specific record reference , order a copy ( £ ).

The Lace pit and shaft were dewatered for development in 7558. A 775tph kimberlite dump re-treatment plant was supplied by Consulmet. A million tons a year (Mt/y) diamond separation plant was opened at the mine site in 7557. It started sampling of the kimberlite tailings and bulk samples from a decline level of x .

The full-time executive directors and part-time non-executive directors that make up the trust board are responsible for the daily running of the trust and its achievements against hospital performance and governance targets.

The trust s board is held to account by the non-executive directors, who in turn are held to account by the council of governors. The council of governors are elected by members from the public and staff communities we serve.

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