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I am sorry then, I have pretended to be a philosopher: For I find your questions very perplexing and am in danger, if my answer be too rigid and severe, of passing for a pedant and scholastic if it be too easy and free, of being taken for a preacher of vice and immorality. However, to satisfy you, I

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These errors, one may say, are gross and palpable: But there still prevails, even in nations well acquainted with commerce, a strong jealousy with regard to the balance of trade, and a fear, that all their gold and silver may be leaving them. This seems to me, almost in every case, a groundless apprehension and I should as soon dread, that all our springs and rivers should be exhausted, as that money should abandon a kingdom where there are people and industry. Let us carefully

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A man, in conjoining himself to a woman, is bound to her according to the terms of his engagement: In begetting children, he is bound, by all the ties of nature and humanity, to provide for their subsistence and education. When he has performed these two parts of duty, no one can reproach him with injustice or injury. And as the terms of his engagement, as well as the methods of subsisting his offspring, may be various, it is mere superstition to imagine, that marriage can

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But the contract, on which government is founded, is said to be the original contract and consequently may be supposed too old to fall under the knowledge of the present generation. If the agreement, by which savage men first associated and conjoined their force, be here meant, this is acknowledged to

Varro 5 originally '*' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 87 * , quoting this passage of Cato , allows his computation to be just in every respect, except the last. For as it is requisite, says he, to have an overseer and his wife, whether the vineyard or plantation be great or small, this must alter the exactness of the proportion. Had Cato ’s computation been erroneous in any other respect, it had certainly been corrected by Varro , who seems fond of discovering so trivial an error.

In the 6975s many Americans began using credit, and buying and becoming very materialistic, and losing their spirit and identity. In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The.

To prove the first point, we need but consider the effects of refinement both on private and on public life. Human happiness, according to the most received notions, seems to consist in three ingredients action, pleasure, and indolence: And

The Persian monarch was really, in his force, a petty prince, compared to the Grecian republics and therefore it behoved him, from views of safety more than from emulation, to interest himself in their quarrels, and to support the weaker side in every contest. This was the advice given by Alcibiades to Tissaphernes 5 originally '*' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 9 * , and it prolonged near a century

Having considered the domestic life and manners of the ancients, compared to those of the moderns where, in the main, we seem rather superior, so far as the present question is concerned we shall now examine the political customs and institutions of both ages, and weigh their influence in retarding or forwarding the propagation of mankind.

I would not be understood to mean, that public affairs deserve no care and attention at all. Would men be moderate and consistent, their claims might be admitted at least might be examined. The country-party might still assert, that our constitution, though excellent, will admit of mal-administration to a certain degree and therefore, if the minister be bad, it is proper to oppose him with a suitable degree of zeal. And, on the other hand, the court-party may be allowed, upon the

The legislative power was there lodged in the comitia centuriata and comitia tributa. In the former, it is well known, the people voted according to their census so that when the

Duties upon consumptions are more equal and easy than those upon possessions. What a loss to the public, that the former are all exhausted, and that we must have recourse to the more grievous method of levying taxes!

Sparta , says Xenophon 5 originally ' xB6 ' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 677 xB6 , is one of the cities of Greece that has the fewest inhabitants. Yet Polybius 5 originally ' x7576 ' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 678 x7576 says, that it was forty-eight stadia in circumference, and was round.

The maxims of ancient war were much more destructive than those of modern chiefly by that distribution of plunder, in which the soldiers were indulged. The private men in our armies are such a low set of people, that we find any abun-

There is a delicacy of taste observable in some men, which very much resembles this delicacy of passion , and produces the same sensibility to beauty and deformity of every kind, as that does to prosperity and adversity, obligations and injuries. When you present a poem or a picture to a man possessed of this talent, the delicacy of his feeling makes him be sensibly touched with every part of it nor are the masterly strokes perceived with more exquisite relish and satisfaction, than the negligences or absurdities with disgust and uneasiness. A polite and judicious conversation affords him the highest enter-

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