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Tess of the d'Urbervilles Chapter 1 Summary & Analysis

After Angel and Tess marry, they go to Wellbridge for their honeymoon and remain at a home once owned by the d Urbervilles. Tess learns from Jonathan Kail , who delivers a wedding gift from the Cricks, that the girls at Talbothays have suffered greatly since Angel and Tess left. On their wedding night, Angel and Tess vow to tell one another their faults. Angel admits that he had a short affair with a stranger in London, while Tess admits about Alec d Urberville.

The Black Cat

In this lighthearted romance from Victorian novelist Thomas Hardy, the beautiful new village school teacher is pursued by three suitors: a working-class man, a landowner, and the vicar.

English Literature - A-Level English - Marked by

Angel Clare returns home from Brazil, weak and sickly, and finds the letter from Tess in which she claims that she will try to forget him. Angel writes to her home at Marlott to search for her, but only later finds out that the Durbeyfields are no longer at Marlott and that Joan does not know where her daughter is. Angel decides to search for Tess, and eventually finds her mother, who reluctantly admits to Angel that Tess is at Sandbourne, a thriving village nearby.

It is obviously not acceptable for Dimmesdale to believe he has sinned, and so the movie cleverly transforms his big speech into a stirring cry for sexual freedom and religious tolerance. Instead of dying of a guilty seizure, he snatches the noose from Hester's neck and pulls it around his own, only to be saved when the Indians attack, driving a burning cart through the village. The roles of the puritanical local ministers are farmed out to supporting actors, and Dimmesdale is left to hang around sheepishly, keeping his guilty secret but regarding Hester with big, wet eyes that beg for forgiveness and understanding.

Typically you'll study a Shakespeare play, one or two more modern plays, both a classic prose and a modern example, and poetry from a selection of sources and eras. A level English Literature is the gateway to further study of the subject and the skills gained are extremely transferable. It's a strong preparation for degree courses in English, Law, Philosophy and indeed any subject which requires critical analysis and powers of discussion and interpretation.

Tess leaves Marlott once again to work at Talbothays dairy, where she works for Richard Crick and finds that Angel Clare, whom she vaguely remembers, now works at the dairy. The other milkmaids ( Izz Huett , Retty Priddle , Marian ) tell Tess that Angel is there to learn milking and that, since he is a parson s son, rarely notices the girls. Although his brothers are each clergymen and he was expected to be as well, Angel did not attend college because of philosophical and religious differences with his father and established church doctrine. He works at Talbothays to study the workings of a dairy in preparation for owning a farm himself one day.

Widow Dashwood and her three unmarried daughters, Elinor, Marianne and Margaret, inherit only a tiny allowance. So they move out of their grand Sussex home to a more modest cottage in. See full summary

The study of English Literature at A level will typically involve you covering a collection of Drama, Poetry and Prose from a variety of writers and eras. You'll be learning to critically evaluate and analyse as you read and will develop skills of interpretation and discussion in your written work.

Royal Navy captain Wentworth was haughtily turned down eight years ago as suitor of pompous baronet Sir Walter Elliot's daughter Anne, despite true love. Now he visits their former seaside. See full summary

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