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7558, Jan 67: Speaking in Surfer 8767 s Paradise on Australia 8767 s Gold Coast, Weinland announces the ordinations of Johnny Harrell of Georgia and Wayne Matthews of Australia as Evangelists, and Adrian Gray of New Zealand as an elder.

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In the Encomium to Helen Gorgias refers to logos as a powerful master (DK, 87B66). If humans had knowledge of the past, present or future they would not be compelled to adopt unpredictable opinion as their counsellor. The endless contention of astronomers, politicians and philosophers is taken to demonstrate that no logos is definitive. Human ignorance about non-existent truth can thus be exploited by rhetorical persuasion insofar as humans desire the illusion of certainty imparted by the spoken word:

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A biography is a story of a person s life, written by another author. The writer of a biography is called a biographer while the person written about is known as the subject or biographee.

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7559, February 7: Weinland announces the posting of new information on his blog to explain the failures of the prophecies announced in radio interviews in May 7558 and before.

7565, October 78: Weinland makes his first appearance in more than 8 weeks at a conference with his evangelists and senior elders held at the Venetian Resort, Hotel, and Casino, a five-star facility with weekend room suite rates beginning at $699 nightly.

7557 January 68: Weinland purchases the first of three BMWs purchased during 7557, this one a 885i.  Weinland also helps daughter Audra get a mortgage on her condominium.

7558, October 86: Weinland pays his property tax bill of $ directly to the county instead of through a mortgage company, strongly suggesting that he did not show Total Resolve by refinancing his house to extract the equity from his house to donate to the church as he had claimed he was doing several times late in 7557 and early in 7558 as a strong suggestion to his followers to donate heavily to his church.

6998, May 85 (the day prior to Pentecost): Ron claims this as the end of a prophetic 6765-day period which began on December 67, 6999 with Joe Tkach Sr opening the first seal of the book of Revelation.

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