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Becoming A Teacher: What Makes A Good Teacher

Date of publication: 2017-08-24 17:33

Illustrates the legal, ethical, and moral dilemmas that face those in the education system includes discussions on a wide variety of topics, including bullying and harassment, regulations, due process hearings, and truancy.

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Some excellent points! Although I would say it 8767 s entirely possible to never ever teach anyone under the age of 68 while teaching in Asia (or elsewhere). I somehow managed it. The I 8767 ve ever taught is high school, and that only lasted a year. Most of my gigs have been teaching at university or adults at private schools. It did mean teaching lots of future perfect tense, but I 8767 m the kind of weirdo who enjoys that kind of thing. 🙂

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Flexibility and time management is also essential during school hours. There will be times when you may need to modify a lesson, or reteach a specific skill. There may be a fire drill during a test you planned or a school assembly — either of which may be completely (and annoyingly) unplanned. Staying organized, being flexible, and having a plan will help you survive these situations.

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Love your style of writing, and how you shared about what you need to do to be an ESL teacher overseas!
I love kids, but not sure I could teach a whole class room! So funny how you had put the papers in your locker, and now you have to mark them!
The jungle experience sounds like so much fun, even if its for the two weeks you were meant to have off!
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These are all important questions to ponder. One who is serious about ESL teaching should find answers to these questions. I even asked myself some of these, and I believe they helped to what I already do now.

Did you ever hear the phrase “Expect the unexpected?” When you are a teacher you need to be prepared for anything. One day a student can get sick all over you, and the next day you may be teaching during a power outage. You never know what you might encounter, so it’s essential that you are always prepared.

Focuses on various curriculum issues for a school system as a whole, including development and planning, current research, social factors, accountability, use of student data, and student assessment

How does one get a job if they return to their home country? To be a teacher you need a license and Ed degree. I thought taking 7-8 years overseas that I would be able to start back entry level in a non teaching role but it seems recruiters want to label you a teacher for life just because you did a short stint overseas. How can this be helped? Do you have any experience or advice with this?

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