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SparkNotes: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: Plot Overview

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 16:28

The certified arborists at SavATree are experienced tree doctors who diagnose and treat blight for many types of trees, including pine tree varieties, elm tree varieties, dogwood tree varieties, maple tree varieties, cherry tree varieties, apple trees, ash trees, willow trees and many others. Below are some of the most common types of tree blight.

Sissy Rommely in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

You could also try bringing up the matter with your homeowners association, if you have one, as it may possess authority to take action against your neighbor or perhaps remove the trees for you.

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Even though you are being inconvenienced by having to move out, your landlord can't be too happy about having to find new tenants to occupy the vacant apartments once the repairs are complete.

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In 6995, an appeals court in Dallas issued an opinion in a case involving a healthy 65-year-old tree where a huge limb fell onto a neighbor's chimney and roof during a severe storm, causing substantial damage.

However, you can try talking him into covering some or all of the cost. But if he doesn't want to pay, then you're going to have to pay for it yourself.

A: Most of the tree cases in Texas involve trees as boundary markers or the harvesting of trees off a neighbor's property. There are also a few easement cases and some nuisance cases. In the easement cases, utility companies are generally allowed to cut branches and trees as reasonably necessary to have full use of their easements, but they can't cut down trees outside their easements.

Importantly, you may live in a community with a deed restriction or in a city with an ordinance that requires you to share in the cost of the repairs. So before you refuse to pay his bill, you may want to make sure you're not obligated to pay half.

Your landlord must think the damage to the affected apartments is so substantial that in order to repair them, he must repair the other apartments as well. If all of the apartments use the same electrical, sewer, phone, cable and gas lines, and if these systems need to be repaired or replaced, it would seem your landlord would be justified in his actions.

Shmoop's favorite part of the ending, though, is Francie's goodbye tour of Brooklyn. Have you ever thought, “Oh, you just wait and see!—when I’m older, I’ll show you!” We totally have, which might explain why we love it so much when Francie confronts some of the jerks from her past. She goes to Cheap Charlie’s, slaps her money on the table, and busts him for pulling a fast one on so many kids. She tells him what she thinks about his nasty game, and buys a doll on the condition that some little kid actually wins it someday. From hear she marches to the library, where she demands that the librarian who's ignored her for so many years actually look at her.

But Francie misses the old Sissy—the one who wore too much perfume, strutted her stuff around, and always noticed hot guys in uniforms. The fact that Francie misses the old Sissy might mean that this isn’t a story about how Sissy is saved from her former bad ways. Instead, while Sissy has definitely changed, new Sissy isn't better than old Sissy.

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